Majura Early Childhood Centre

Majura is a 45 place centre with a program that is holistic to each individual childs mind, body, and wellbeing. Children’s learning is integrated into planning and experiences are responsive to children’s interests and abilities.

Majura Early Childhood Centre


Play-based learning is the foundation of our program and provides a context for learning through which children can interact with and make sense of their social worlds. We aim to provide a child-centred curriculum where children are supported to construct their autonomy and make choices about what, how, and with whom they would like to play.

Our educators are responsive to children’s strengths, interests, and abilities, and sensitively document these to meaningfully foster growth and development through intentional learning environments. Children are responsible for initiating and directing their own play within these learning environments as they construct their own knowledge from their experiences and connections within the world around them.

The learning program is developmentally appropriate and supports children to respond to their innate desire to learn as they explore, problem-solve, and create. There is a consistent balance between fine-motor and gross-motor development during planning processes. Children are encouraged to develop a growing appreciation for and ability to contribute to their world as they support their educators in constructing and re-setting learning environments throughout the day.

We know that the first five years of a child’s life are critical to children’s lifelong learning and development. We value the significance of our role as educators and ensure ongoing collaboration as a team to ensure we are providing the utmost highest standards and quality of education and care for children to truly prosper in their learning and development. We place self-help skills at the heart of our program as we see children as capable individuals that can co-construct their learning with us.


  • Intentionally designed learning spaces that are responsive to children’s interests, strengths, and abilities.
  • Inclusive program that encourages participation from all children.
  • Meaningful learning spaces that are constructed with children and are responsive to cultural diversity amongst our Majura community
  • Focus on self-help skills and strengthening children’s independence.
  • Play-based learning.
  • Children’s voices are valued.
  • Children co-construct their learning and development with scaffolding of educators.
  • Balance between fine-motor and gross-motor development.
  • Imagination and creativity.
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Develop relationships.


  • Open from 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
  • Qualified teachers and educators
  • All meals provided
  • Modern Cloth Nappies provided
  • Child Care Subsidy


Our Enrolments Team are ready to help you with your child’s enrolment.

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Call: (02) 6171 8040


Rosevear Place Dickson ACT 2602

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed between Christmas and New Year

Rating Exceeding the National Quality Standard
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