Connecting to the community

Enjoyable experiences in the community for Aged Care clients.

Connecting to the community


Northside Community Service’s Social Groups have been a part of our community since 1987!

The Social Groups have changed and been updated as Australia and the ACT’s approach to supporting older people has changed. Currently, we are very focused on ensuring that client-directed approaches are at the centre of all we do in our Aged Care programs – older people are the experts in their own lives, and we value their insight and skills in developing our activities and programs.

The focus of our current program is around building skills and knowledge, as well as community connections.

Social Benefits

Social engagement is important for everyone’s wellbeing, regardless of their age. It is particularly vital during a person’s senior years because older adults and the elderly are sometimes more susceptible to social isolation.

It can also be fun and refreshing to take advantage of social opportunities that let you share and connect with others who are in similar situations. Social opportunities can also help you navigate all the changes that come with growing older, and provides mental and physical health benefits.


Social Groups run a few times per week and consists of a range of planned experiences such as games, music, arts and craft. We also regularly have special guest speakers who touch on a range of thought-provoking and relevant topics.

These events are often hosted at our Majura Community Hall, as well as frequent outings around Canberra, such as museums, cafes, exhibitions and nature walks just to name a few. These experiences come almost exclusively from client input and interests, which we strive to uphold consistently to provide the most enjoyable experience for all our clients.


$10 client contribution (covers the cost of supplies, food, drink, transport, etc.)

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Social Group Calendar

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