Policies and procedures

Northside is committed to not just meeting the minimum standards of compliance with regulatory frameworks, but exceeding them.

Policies and Procedures

Northside Community Service Early Childhood Centres operate under the National Quality Framework. Northside is strongly committed to continuous improvement to ensure the best possible outcomes for young children and their families.

Northside staff utilise contemporary research and knowledge about how young children learn and develop to provide a modern perspective on Early Learning. As well as supporting fundamental learning around literacy and numeracy, Northside staff work closely with each child and family to support the important skills and competencies they will need for life-long learning: self-regulation, resilience and independence.

Organisational policies can be found below. All our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that children’s’ needs for health, safety, learning and wellbeing are being met at all times. Northside approaches policy development and review as a collaborative process between organisational professionals, early childhood professionals and families.

Northside staff members work together to meet the highest standard of children’s health and safety, including regular training on all Educators’ Mandatory Reporting responsibilities in the A.C.T. Northside has a robust internal process to ensure that all Educators understand their legal, ethical and organisational responsibilities regarding keeping all children safe from harm.

Early Childhood Safety Policy

Early Childhood Governance Policy

Early Childhood Incident Response Policy

Supporting Children’s Health and Wellbeing Policy

Early Childhood Centre Authorisations Policy

Early Childhood Enrolment and Orientation Policy

Early Childhood Facilities Policy

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