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We value your compliments, suggestions and feedback.

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Feedback and Complaints

Northside values your compliments, suggestions and feedback. We also support the rights of individuals to raise any problems, concerns or complaints regarding Northside facilities, services, team members, policies, procedures or practices. We are committed to promptly and fairly resolving such issues in a conciliatory, non-threatening, respectful and confidential manner.

Our commitment to the resolution of complaints

  • The process for resolving complaints will be open, honest, fair and confidential.
  • Any individual or group who has a grievance relating to Northside has the right to make a complaint, and to have their concerns resolved, and will be encouraged and supported to attempt to informally resolve the issue directly with the person concerned.
  • Any individual or group may seek the assistance of another person in lodging their complaint
  • At all times during the resolution of their complaint, the individual has the right to the assistance and support of an advocate (including an advocacy agency) of their choice.
  • Acknowledgement of a formal complaint will be made within three working days of receipt.

ACT Human Rights Commission

In some cases, where we are not able to resolve a complaint for you, you may contact the ACT Human Rights Commission. The Commission resolve complaints about the provision of health services, services for older people, disability services, and services for children and young people. The Commission also resolves complaints about unlawful discrimination and promotes human rights in the ACT.

For sending us your feedback / complaint, please fill out the form on our Contact Page

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