Home Care Packages

Northside will assist you in providing and coordinating to deliver the right Home Care Package for you.

Home Care Packages

Your Home, Your Community.

Are you an older person wanting to continue living at home, but you need some assistance to manage? If so, then a Home Care Package may be for you. The Home Care Packages program is a government-subsidised program that provides long-term support for older people who want to stay living at home. A package can provide you with support to stay well and active, maintain your home the way you like it or to access the things you enjoy out and about in the community.

The Northside team is here for two reasons

To help keep you enjoying your home as long as you choose to stay and; To support you to stay engaged with activities you enjoy in your community of choice

As an approved provider of aged care our goal is to work alongside you to access all your care and well-being requirements so that you can get the most from your Home Care Package. Changes were made recently to allow individuals to decide who provides their Home Care Package. This means if you are unhappy with your current provider, or you have located to another area, you can switch providers.

At Northside we work with you to ensure greater choice and flexibility enabling you to make the decision about the support and care that is right for you.

As part of your package, you will have access to:

As a Not for Profit organisation, Northside’s client contributions go directly back into strengthening and expanding our programs and developing and supporting our team on the ground. Client contributions to our Social Support programs (including Pet Assistance and Wellbeing) mean that we can offer training and professional development opportunities to our team of exceptional volunteers. Contributions also help us expand programs and provide services and support that might be considered “out of scope” by government funding bodies. Our PAWS pet assistance program is a really great example of how we are expanding our program areas to meet community need.

What if I can’t afford to pay?

  • A dedicated care coordinator who will work with you to develop a comprehensive person centered care plan, including regularly reviewing your plan as your goals and care needs change.
  • A highly skilled and dedicated team of home and community support staff passionate about providing high quality, person centered support services.
  • Support and advice to maintain your independence and to feel safe and confident at home and in the community.
  • Support to settle back into your home following hospitalisation or rehabilitation.

Engaging Northside to coordinate and deliver your Home Care Package in four easy steps:

Contact our friendly and experienced team to discuss your needs and learn more about the services we can offer. We can also come to you in the comfort of your own home at no cost.

When you switch to Northside, you will need to contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and request a referral code so that Northside can activate this to start providing services. We will work with you if you require assistance through the process.

Contact your current package provider to let them know that you no longer require services from them. You will need to advise and agree with your current provider the date when your services will cease.

Once we have your My Aged Care referral code and the date you’ve agreed to end services with your current provider, we will commence the transition to Northside. One of our coordinators will then visit you at home to develop your customised care plan, which of course, will be guided by you based on your needs and package budget.

Contact the Northside team to learn more about Home Care Packages with Northside.

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